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Kansas City 2017, February 25-26

Girls Leading Our World, Inc.

Paired with Team Meme

Our mission is to educate and equip girls and young women with strategies for life and leadership development to promote personal and professional growth.

GLOW, Inc. is a life-changing learning program that emphasizes growth through education, experience and challenge. We provide girls and young women with hands-on, interactive programs to encourage positive emotional, social, spiritual, mental, and physical development. GLOW, Inc. serves three age groups of girls and young women; ages 8-12, 13-17 and 18-24. We provide quality, life-changing experiences in an environment that allows young women to meet their full potential.

GLOW’s programs are developed using research based assessments, evaluations, and best practice models. We envision a world where girls realize the impact they can make including the impact to make significant changes in their lives, immediate community as well as globally.

GLOW, Inc. has identified and exists to address the following at risk behaviors that prevent girls and young women from reaching their full potential:

1. Insufficient Coping Skills (anger and stress management, decision making, setting boundaries, etc.)

2. Insufficient Life Skills (financial management, personal management, healthy living)

3. Domestic/Dating Violence

4. School Drop-Out / Under Performance

5. Lack of Employment or Under Employment (career development, job search)

6. Lack of/or Low Self-Esteem

7. Drug, Alcohol and Cigarette Use

8. Deficient Leadership Skills

9. Absence of Global Vision (vision limited to own neighborhood)

10. Bullying, Physical Violence and other Acts of Aggression

GLOW, Inc.’s Objective is to reduce the potential display of at-risk activities and to open opportunities to a broader world view to help produce positive, informed, high self esteemed young women. GLOW will utilize collaborative efforts and partner alliances along with best practice programming to produce enhanced service delivery.

What new functionality we are looking for

We believe we can become more effective in serving our participants and community if we have an up to date web presence that incorporates technology, social media and links to available resources for families. Other functions is the ability for persons to make donations on line as well as allow us to solicit volunteers. We would like to have an administrative back office that allows connection off-site. We would like a secure method for potential volunteers to complete applications and forms for involvement with GLOW. We also need a safe forum for our Board to access updated information, sensitive information, board forms, and calendars, etc. on the website. We need adequate storage space to maintain a blog, and to add pages for special events as well as a photo gallery that can be organized and updated regularly. We would also need to post videos, host webinars and maintain a resource section with helpful resource links for the community.

How the new functionality will help

This new functionally will help us save time in our volunteer and board recruitment as well as communicate the mission of GLOW, highlight the outcomes, solicit donors and reach more young people. Persons following our progress will have updated information on meetings, events and ways they can assist us.

Part of our mission is to equip and educate; this new functionality will empower us with the ability to carry out this mission.

How our organization will use the technology

We hope to have a website that will help with the day-to-day operations by serving as an administrative back office, collecting data, keeping records and communicating to participants and volunteers. This new technology will allow us to have a viable web presence that highlights the services we provide to and for our community.

Who will use the technology

The executive directors, administrative assistant as well as board members will use the functionality to communicate more effectively as well as to keep the board, volunteers and donors updated. This new functionality will allow communication to become less painless and more efficient.

Before & After Snapshots

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12 Messages from Supporters

2017-01-15 14:03:08 UTC
Sharon Garrett

This organization has been a light for the young ladies that have been active. Having the opportunity to see and go places they didn't think would be possible. This is a needed organization for Kansas City. The leader of tomorrow are Glowing.

2017-01-15 16:57:08 UTC
Stacey Banks-Houston

Excellence, commitment, responsibility and accountability are only a few words that I can use to describe the GLOW organization and its team. Every thought and deed are executed with the needs of the girls in mind. Nothing is done without thought of how it will positively influence each girl's/young lady's life now and in the future. It is a blessing to have an organization who genuinely cares for these girls and is preparing them to be culturally and economically empowered. Thank you for allowing me to GLOW with you!

2017-01-15 16:32:03 UTC
Annie Walsh

I cannot say enough about the positive impact GLOW has had on the girls and young women it serves. I first became involved with Girls Leading Our World in 2013, when I was serving on the board of KC Women in Film & TV. We secured a small arts grant to make a short video about GLOW, which you can view on Vimeo:

The process of making the film introduced me to how GLOW works to transform lives. I was so inspired by what I learned that I became a volunteer after the film was completed, as did one of our photographers. She also recruited a friend who became a volunteer. In fact, we three were so impressed with the positive difference GLOW was making in the lives of the brave, smart, and lovely young women we had the privilege of getting to know at the weekly GLOW meetings, we all went through training to become one-on-one mentors.

Mentoring has not always been easy, but it has always been meaningful. My mentee faces so many challenges: poverty, lack of access to accredited schools, insufficient parental support, lack of adult role models who have advanced education or careers. When she first arrived at GLOW as an eleven-year-old, she was illiterate. She also has faced bullying in school. Yet, because of GLOW, she has received additional academic and social support, has successfully advanced to the tenth grade, and is on track to graduate. She has a plan for her educational and professional future. She wants to be a teacher and help other children learn and grow.

She is just one of MANY success stories. I have seen girls overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. One girl, who used to attend an alternative school and had behavior issues that found her suspended from school on a regular basis, is now a star student athlete who is being recruited by state colleges. Another who was orphaned and taken in by one of GLOW's cofounders is in her second semester of college and planning for her future career.

Again, I cannot say enough positive things about the good that GLOW does with minimal resources. The women who power this program, almost entirely from their own finances, deserve all the technological assistance they can get so they can continue to reach girls and young women in Kansas City and help them shape a brighter future for us all.

This testimonial is already too lengthy but, if you'd like to read more, there are two blog posts on my website, which offer more thoughts on how GLOW is helping change the world for the better by shaping future leaders.

In response to Amy Poehler's appearance in KC for the Chat Series:

Guest blog for the Show Me Justice Film Festival, which screened the GLOW doc:

2017-01-15 18:46:24 UTC
Robin Sandbothe

G.L.O.W., which stands for Girls Leading Our World, is all about helping girls lead meaningful lives. It is not only an organization that helps to equip young women, but also celebrates them as they begin living into their potential.You Glow, G.L.O.W.!!

2017-01-15 21:12:23 UTC
Emma Kindle

GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), Inc. is a service-oriented organization that aids young at risk girls/ladies in the Kansas City area. It is a valuable and empowering organization.

GLOW, Inc. recognizes and addresses the cultural, economical and educational needs of young girls/ladies. It offers programs, workshops, field trips and mentoring that builds character, instills self-confidence and teaches life skills. GLOW affords opportunities that empower them to excel, rise above their circumstances and become leaders.

2017-01-17 01:39:10 UTC
Latora Grant Scott

GLOW is a organization that is positively impacting their community. Through mentorship and empowering young women to not only dream big but obtain the skills to accomplish their goals with excellence.

2017-01-12 04:43:25 UTC
Linda Dudley

This Organization is amazing. To see these young ladies being exposed to different cultures beneficial to their growth as productive young women in today's society is just awesome. Thank you G.L.O.W. leaders, volunteers, and paeticipants for your dedication and service.

2017-01-11 21:49:18 UTC
Toriana Saddler, M.B.A.

How wonderful is it to have and be part of an organization that helps girls impact their world! This program provides girls with the essential life skills to lead healthy, productive lives. I have personally seen the positive change in these girls. Kudos to you G.L.O.W. Inc.!

2017-01-11 23:23:10 UTC
Kenya Minor

This organization is Awesome! These girls have so much life and really enjoy participating in G.L.O.W. Inc. Thank you to everyone involved with Gitls Leading Our World! Your dedication to these young ladies is truly inspiring!

2017-01-11 23:59:45 UTC
Jennifer Hull

GLOW serves a population that is most in need of the extra boost to acquire skills that are needed in order to be successful in life. This would provide them the opportunity to extend their digital reach.

2017-01-13 13:31:23 UTC
Kim JW

GLOW is a shining star in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

This organization centers on inspiring pre-teen & teen girls by expanding their world view and empowering them to become the best that they may be. Included in their overall life skills curriculum is teaching girls to become young ladies who understand how valuable they themselves are, to honor their elders & to respect others. Highly recommended!

2017-01-13 21:46:15 UTC
Alma J Rollison

GLOW - has made a significant impact on the life of my young mentee. She looks forward to the weekly intraction with the other young girls and the influence of the adult leaders. As a result of her participation in GLOW she was afforded the wonderful opportunity to travel outside her locale for the first time for a distance further than 25 miles! It was an experience that she continues to speak of. GLOW has allowed her to benefit from cultural activities that otherwise she would not have known about. The efforts of this organization to positively influence the lives of young ladies is a lifelong impact that needs to be extended to as many girls until it is uncountable. I salute the leaders of GLOW and your good deeds do not go unnoticed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and equip girls and young women with strategies for life and leadership development to promote personal and professional growth. Our agency recognizes that inadequate financial literacy, lack of employment history and poor life skills will limit an individual’s ability to obtain professional and economic success.  GLOW, Inc. is currently addressing economic recovery issues by involving participants in programs to increase financial literacy, skill, marketability, and employment opportunities. Our vision is strong female leadership worldwide, family cohesiveness, healthy cooperation, and great international cultural alliances. GLOW, Inc. also looks forward to a future of providing safe, secure, environments for girls and young women that are free of bullying, violence and abuse.