The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Kansas City 2017, February 25-26

Corey's Network Inc.

Paired with The Hype Train

To Provide immediate advocacy for surviving victims of homicide in Kansas City Metropolitan precincts without advocates.

What new functionality we are looking for

1. Need to update current website including

a. our current website is dated and not organized very well. we need re-organize it so that it is user friendly and easier for people to navigate.

b. we want to be able to collect info from potential volunteers and generate emails to them letting them know what our volunteer needs are.

c. we want to be able to take donations, generate thank you email, and add them to our data base.

d. we want to be able to sell tickets to our events, generate thank you email, and add them to our data base.

e. we want to track our website hits

f. we want to be able to add content easier.

2. Attach blog

we have started a blog that needs to be attached to the site

3.Create a new crowdfunding site

we are interested in starting our own crowdfunding site that allows us to help our clients raise funds financing of funerals w/o charging them a fee.

How the new functionality will help

all these enhancements will help us better serve our clients and community.they will also give us a better face in the community

How our organization will use the technology

the enhancements will free us up from some of the manual tasks we perform.

Who will use the technology

our secretary sends thank you letters to each donor.

our chairman of advocacy and volunteers contacts each volunteer with information on volunteering opportunities.

we spend a considerable amount of time on various fundraisers trying to get people to attend. i think we would do better if we sold tickets. it would give us an idea of what to expect.

the crowdfunding enhancement would help our clients since crowdfunding fees are high and divert money intended as a gift.

Before & After Snapshots

Thumbnail_kc2017_coreysnetwork_before Thumbnail_hype-coreys-after

15 Messages from Supporters

2017-01-14 13:27:30 UTC
Jenny Donaldson

My son was murdered a little over two years ago on 12/22/14 and a local news anchor hooked me up with Corey's network after she interviewed me. That was SUCH a blessing!

Shelley and Bob are so wonderful and I just couldn't believe that someone could take their own unspeakable grief and turn around to help others--especially so soon after their own tragic loss.

My living son has a high functioning form of autism and Shelley was SO concerned about this. They got right on it to find a therapist who specializes in both grief AND asperger's. They helped me to find resources to help pay for my son's funeral as well as for grief therapy. But, I think, MOST importantly, reaching out to me...from one mother of a son with an unsolved murder to just invaluable. The emotional support has been phenomenal. Cory's Network absolutely deserves a new website.

2017-01-18 23:17:03 UTC
Andrea Caspari

I support Corey's Network because Bob and Shelley have made it their life's work to help others going through unspeakable tragedies. Grief is unique to the individual; Bob and Shelley have turned their grief into a selfless community of giving. I have known them for many years, and I am amazed at their kindness, generosity, and compassion. Corey's Network gives community to families who would otherwise feel alone. It gives hope to families who are bereft of positivity. I am in awe of Bob, Shelley, and all of the amazing people who give light and life to those who need it most.

2017-01-22 03:48:23 UTC
Angie G

Shelley and Bobby have worked so hard for many families. It takes a great amount of strength and concern for others to be so dedicated while enduring your own grief. In the process of their outreach they've touched so many lives. A new website with enhancements to further their misson would not only increase awareness, it would better serve our community in the process.

2017-01-22 03:48:41 UTC
Angie G

Shelley and Bobby have worked so hard for many families. It takes a great amount of strength and concern for others to be so dedicated while enduring your own grief. In the process of their outreach they've touched so many lives. A new website with enhancements to further their misson would not only increase awareness, it would better serve our community in the process.

2017-01-22 23:32:17 UTC
Katie Blakley

I support Corey's Network because it truly fills a need in our community. Bob and Shelley had a horrible tragedy happen to their family. Instead of sitting idle, they chose use their experience as a starting point for Corey's Network. Sudden loss often comes with a lot of chaos. By having Corey's Network available, the community now has someone on their side to help get them through a very difficult time. The organizatjon helps a lot of people right now, but the goal is to always help more. By having the website revamped it will drive more traffic to this great cause. They do a lot of good for a lot people. I would like to see them win this.

2017-01-23 16:51:07 UTC
Nathan Vickers

Corey's Network plays a vital role helping families with their immediate and financial needs, and also empowers them with a voice to tell their story. I'm a news reporter in Kansas City and I've done several stories with this group. They serve as advocates for people who need it most--victims of violent crimes. Corey's family constantly works in the Independence, Mo. community to raise money for families who have lost loved loved ones. Many of them would struggle to pay for funeral costs and basic services without this group. Often times those families need the media's help as well. Corey's Network plays a vital part in connecting them to reporters who can help share their stories, who can provide essential police information to the public, who can make sure that victims' stories are not forgotten. Corey's Network is a gem in the Kansas City area and their work only improves as they grow. Their ideas for an improved website would greatly benefit their organization and extend their reach within the region.

2017-01-11 01:58:55 UTC

I support Corey's Network because Bob and Shelly have taken a parent's worst nightmare and turned it into a positive support system for others whom experience the same or similar experience. They are great people whom are passionate and fearless about the mission and values of the organization. I don't know of another organization that is more deserving. Whatever they receive, it is given back to help those in need. You can't get much better than than.

2017-01-11 02:50:02 UTC
Antoinette Madeira

This organization operates on a shoestring because it puts every dime into the organization helping others. No organization deserves help more than Corey's Network. Bob and Shelley work every day to help parents deal with the same tragedy they had to experience when there was no help available. Help them develop a better website to spread the word; no organization deserves it more.

2017-01-11 05:35:30 UTC
Monica Pearce

No one should ever have to experience the horrific loss of a child.
Bob and Shelley have had a long uphill battle since the tragic death of their son Corey. In spite of all they have endured somehow they managed to turn it into an opportunity to help others. Corey's Network Imc. is amazing organization that helps other families cope with their own loss when they didn't think there was anywhere to turn. I have witnessed first hand the hard work that Bob and Shelley have put into making their voices heard around Kansas City. I have watched them build Corey's Netwwork Inc. from day one. The outreach and support they give to others is outstanding. This new website would be well deserved. Thanks for all you have done for the community Bob and Shelley!!

2017-01-11 12:26:08 UTC
Susanne Terry

Shelley and Bob started Corey's Nerwork to honor their Son and to bring awareness and support of murder victims and their familys.
To unsolved murders of not only Corey but all victims.Supporting family's with grief counseling,funeral assistance. Keep all unsolved muders in the public eye and supporting other organizations to raise awareness of victims and families.

2017-01-11 04:56:53 UTC
Melanie Zahner

Last month Tragedy hit my family, My Nephew was murdered. Corey's Network was out at my sisters house the next day. They were there for hours. They gave us so much information we needed and didn't know how to find. Shelly still talks to us to this day. Bob and Shelly are both wonderful, caring, loving people. There was no one, no organization, to help them when their son was murdered 3 years ago, so they started Corey's network. They have helped so many families in this community. They really are rocks for families to lean on in their time of need and way after. They have learned so much about how to make plans for unexpected funerals. With the tragedy of losing their son, they took on this massive job of helping other families and it's not an easy thing to do, not many other people would do that. I can tell they truly put their hearts and souls into helping families. I believe we will be lifelong friends now.

You could not pick a better Organization to help. Please help them build a better website so they can continue to help more families. More people will learn about them with a better site setup. Please choose them. They SO deserve it. They help others in their time of need, so please help them in their time of need.
God Bless.

2017-01-11 08:53:00 UTC
Nick Dungy

Corey's Network is a powerful local organization that impacts KC residents in an extreme time of need. One of the founders Shelley Metje is the mother of Corey Laykovitch who was murdered in Independence Missouri. Coreys mother has a continuous passion to not only solve her sons case, but to help others who have the unfortunate task of taking care of their loved ones final expenses. This organization continues to make a deep difference in my community, and it would greatly benefit from the opportunity to better their website so that its members can efficiently serve those in need, and better their organizations look so that it can continue to grow in the future.

2017-01-11 14:31:49 UTC
Serenity Memorial Chapel

I support Corey's Network to get anything they need. They work so hard in our community blessing families with resources they need. The founders are so nice and great and honest people. They have the capability of doing so much more if they have the opportunity.

2017-01-11 05:33:27 UTC
Pam Stone

This organization was started by a remarkable woman who had been through an outrageous life event. Her son was murdered and the killer remains at large. She developed this website to help other people that lost a loved one to like tragedy. This would make it easier for everyone with this need to use. I know Michelle personally and she was a great help when my nephew was murdered. This chance to share their website would be advantageous as well as greatly appreciated.

2017-01-11 12:09:11 UTC
Teresa Elliott

Corey's Network deserves a new website and so much more. They have been a blessing to not only my family but so many others in need of support and guidance. Shelley and Bob are some of the most supportive, humble and loving people I've known. No matter the time or what they may go through, they are always there for others in need. The website will help free up some of their time to continue to do the work they've been called to do in the community. May they continue to blessed and be a blessing to others.

Our Mission

These services include (but are not limited to): A.Information regarding counseling, medical, and other social services as needed for the families; B.Educational services in reference to law enforcement procedures; C.Navigation of media coverage; D.Help with financing of funerals, accessing funds, and connecting victims with providers in partnership with Corey’s Network, Inc.