The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Kansas City 2017, February 25-26

Centerview Food Allergy Management, Inc

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Centerview provides education and awareness for food allergies in the KC Area. We offer free trainings to any organization that needs our help (schools, clubs, restaurants). We assist local allergists provide additional information and support to their patients. We also hold various events throughout the year (summer day camp, Halloween party). We provide support groups throughout the KC area.

What new functionality we are looking for

We are hoping to consolidate our three separate websites into one. We need help developing a database of our member's contact information. Also implementing an email platform for the database. We also need assistance in creating a calendar that is used over different media options.

Our current websites are - free weebly website created and run by our Exec Dir - created by an outside source and we do not know how to maintain/update - free site also run by our Exec Dir for one of the support groups

We would also like to build on online training website that would be separate from our main website. This website offer training and testing modules for different aspects of food allergies. Examples - how to recognize a reaction, how to read a food label, how to administer emergency meds, how to create a safe classroom environment

How the new functionality will help

Updating our website will help us reach the people in need of our support. We will be able to promote our events and services more effectively.

The training website helps fulfill our main mission to educate our community on food allergies. It will be something we can offer to schools or organizations to train their employees at their convenience. We will be able to train a substantially larger number of people with a training website. This could also be used nationwide as a resource.

How our organization will use the technology

We will be able to reach more people in need of our support with an improved web presence. The database and email will keep us in touch with those people.

Who will use the technology

We are a small group of volunteers. This will benefit all of us. The updated website will allow us to reach those that need our assistance and make them aware of our programs and activities.

The training website will be one of very few options like it in the nation. This website will allow us people to take our training at their convenience vs trying to schedule us for their entire group at one time. We will be able to judge comprehension from the testing modules.

Before & After Snapshots

Thumbnail_kc2017_centerviewfam_before Thumbnail_danger-centerview-after

22 Messages from Supporters

2017-01-23 22:02:11 UTC
Tammy Rhodes

I became aware of Centerview Food Allergy Management about 2 years ago and it has been life changing for our family. Living with food allergies and having a child with life threatening food allergies is a daily challenge making sure our family stays safe and is always prepared. Centerview has provided a support system, resources anf friendships allowing us to know that we are never in this alone. What they do to help the community in education alone is amazing. I strongly encourage you to consider Centerview in receiving the Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge because they are more than deserving!!

Tammy Rhodes

2017-01-24 16:12:29 UTC

Centerview came to our church and trained the staff about food allergies. They did this free of charge- I believe all of their training is free. We needed to know how to help the ever growing number of children in our Sunday school classes and Vacation Bible school classes be safe and not feel left out. We found out that there were some kids who were not participating because their family knew we did not know about allergies or know what to do if a person was having an allergic reaction.

A trainer came and taught us. The following week, one of the teachers' son had a severe allergy attack. He had never had a reaction before. His mother knew what was happening and just what to do because of this training. His life was saved because she understood what was happening and called 911. God moves in mysterious ways and He brought us that trainer from Centerview!

If this project helps them reach more people for that kind of training, please consider helping them to do more good!

2017-01-23 22:08:44 UTC
Kristy Lowe

Great organization!
Centerview's food allergy camp gives lots of kids in the area an opportunity that would otherwise be impossible due to the critical nature of food allergies. Coordinating the safety of kids with food allergies within a typical camping experience is difficult at best, often impossible.
For adults, Centerview offers get-togethers for parents to network with each other and learn about resources within the local community, as well as opportunities/resources on a larger scale.
If Centerview was more well-known and more readily accessible online, families (especially those newly diagnosed) would find ways to keep their kids safer, more quickly. Getting a food allergy diagnosis initiates an incredible and often intimidating learning curve. Centerview is a great resource to lessen that curve and get kids safer, faster, after diagnosis. Additionally, food allergy information, research, and treatment is always changing. In this online world, a thorough website would be a terrific, one-stop shop for families, both newly diagnosed and food allergy veterans, to use when shopping, considering treatment, planning activities, and seeking support.
Thanks for your time! :)

2017-01-23 23:10:11 UTC

The resources offered by Centerview have been incredibly helpful in helping our family thrive after having children that were diagnosed with food allergies. Their food-allergy friendly events, including their Halloween event, have helped give my kids a little bit of normalcy in their holiday events. Their resources on their website have been incredibly helpful in preparing a journal for caregivers. Their monthly support groups have helped give me the confidence and knowledge needed on how to have discussions with potential caregivers, and even feel more confident and comfortable with allowing others to care for my children. If only I would have found their resources earlier in our adventure with food allergies :) An upgrade to their website would be a tremendous help, improve marketing, and make it easier for newbies to find this incredible resource and gift to our community.

2017-01-24 16:51:33 UTC
Lori Danella, SNS

Centerview is such a vital part of the Kansas City support system. They provide support and information to families with children with food allergies. Many people do not realize the importance of the work they do. When parents receive a diagnosis of a food allergy, celiac, PKU, they are confused, worried and don't know where to turn. When they find Centerview, they have found their savior. I work for a school district and have used their materials and support for families I work with. In our district alone, we have over 500 confirmed cases of allergies or special dietary needs. They are a wonderful resource in our metro community and deserve to have an upgrade for their website. This would benefit parents, medical practices, schools, organizations, etc. They also provide fun events for kiddos that provide a safe haven for parents because they don't have to worry about allergens.

This upgrade with help them reach more parents and help more families. Please consider them, they are 100% deserving. This could be the answer to reaching even more families.

2017-01-24 16:55:13 UTC

As a parent of kids with multiple food allergies, organizations like Centerview offer resources to families, schools and the community that could save people's lives! We personally attended the allergy friendly non-food Halloween party last fall, and it was so fun to watch my kids enjoy a holiday that typically revolves around unsafe treats. Thanks for all you do to make life with food allergies more manageable.

2017-01-24 17:05:32 UTC

Centerview is the premier food allergy support and education organization in Kansas City. There is no other organization like this in the metropolitan area. An enhanced website would allow more people to be reached and helped. Many people are not aware of the training, support, and resources offered by Centerview. Schools, churches, parent groups, PTA's, private schools, all need a local place to turn to for hands-on assistance. An enhanced website will help them help the people of our community, especially children with life-threatening food allergies. Please consider Centerview.

2017-01-24 17:15:15 UTC
Colleen Connor

My family has been dealing with food allergies for 15 years. We had friends that we would talk with through word-of-mouth about new and different developments in the food allergy world. Until Centerview came along in KC, though, there hadn't been one central, LOCAL site for us to reference. It has been invaluable to keep my family up-to-date on new developments in the food allergy community, both locally and on the larger stage. We love Centerview and would love to see the website and database improved to be even more useful! Thanks for your consideration.

2017-01-24 21:35:22 UTC
Becky Hodson

We found Centerview last year when we were looking for safe summer activities for our food allergic teen. Camp Centerview was just what he needed. It gave him a chance to be with other children with food allergies. They could share stories, and help each other learn ways to manage living with a very serious medical condition. They also had a chance to just be kids in a safe, and comfortable environment. Knowing that Centerview was here in the Kansas City area is a large part of why our family made a big decision to move back to KC this year. The knowledge, resources, and support that Centerview gives to food allergic families in the Kansas City area is invaluable.

We have had the chance to be part of several activities. Watching the leadership of Centerview achieve what they have been able to with so few staff and minimal resources is impressive. But I know that the community has a greater need for what Centerview has to offer. Families need to know that Centerview is here to help. That is why I help Centerview when I can and greatly appreciate your consideration of Centerview for any assistance that you can give them.

2017-01-24 21:36:41 UTC
Grandma P

We appreciate the information and support that Centerview provides to our family. It is invaluable to our daughter and son-in-law as they keep our grandson with multiple food allergies safe and well. It is also important to our entire family as we support them. Thank you so much to Centerview for the services they provide!

2017-01-24 22:35:43 UTC
Celina Bernabe DO

As a practicing board certified allergist this organization is truly going to make strides in the diagnosis, management and treatment of Food Allergies. Awareness and education are key in approaching medical problem. The comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach Centerview provides and wants to provide makes sense in this often shoved under the rug allergic disorder. To be diagnosed with a food allergy and just have epinephrine on hand is not enough! This is a life threatening disease and to have a local organization help and guide patients, families, health care workers (including physicians), schools, caregivers, and well the whole community recognize and help manage those with food allergies is invaluable. To navigate through all the details such as school environments( lunch room), travel, parties, sleepovers, field trips, et cetera can be daunting. Centerview is the answer and local accessibility is the most important aspect in serving those with food allergies. They are here for hands on education and guidance in management of this allergic disorder that has increased in prevalence according to the CDC.

2017-01-25 02:45:43 UTC

Love, love, love Centerview! Just started to learn more about them and their mission this summer when they held an asthma/allergy summer camp! What an amazing out reach to give kids the opportunity to learn to be safe and get to enjoy a summer camp experience!

2017-01-25 02:47:24 UTC
Patty Douglas

My son has life threatening food allergies to peanuts and treenuts. Finding information on how to keep him healthy and safe involves very time consuming research. Centerview is working to give families a jumpstart on that research. When newly diagnosed, you have no idea where to start, what to do. Centerview is working to change that.

2017-01-25 03:12:16 UTC

Camp centerview is something my son still talks about to this day. He loved the camp and meeting other kids who get what it is like to live with food allergies just like him. Centerview made the camp for food allergies possible!!

2017-01-25 05:04:55 UTC

As a food allergy dad, I have attended a lot of events for Centerview. It has been a great way for my food allergic kid to safely participate in activities that might not otherwise be an option. Having to worry about having a dangerous reaction at class mate's birthday party or from trick or treating or from peanuts at the Royals' game is hard.....

Having Centerview's events and info has helped my kid to have a safer and more normal life. Please consider them for help so they can help more kids like mine.

2017-01-24 22:49:30 UTC

My husband and I are so glad we found Centerview. Despite having no family history, our son has multiple, severe allergies. We were completely blind sighted by his diagnosis. We are so thankful for Sarah Albert and her amazing organization that provides much needed support to food allergy families. They offer a variety of services and support, free of charge. They also put together an amazing Halloween Party, that we were able to attend this year. It was a VERY rare moment when we could feel like a normal family in public. We could relax and let our son be a regular little boy. Everything-even the face paint-was safe for him. We could relax and enjoy ourselves. It was a wonderful event! We can't wait until he's old enough to attend camp-he will love it. We look forward to volunteering at future events, as we like to give back as we are able. Centerview is more than deserving of winning this challenge. With a new website and the proposed training tools, they'll be able to help even more families in desperate need of help. Realizing that as little as 1/100th of a single peanut could kill your child is a sobering reality. Giving those families the tools they need (and deserve) to help them provide a full and happy life for their children is a worthy cause, for sure. We love Centerview and we are excited to see it reach more people as it goes to the next level.

2017-01-25 03:06:03 UTC
Christina Valdez

I met Sarah Albert about 4 years ago when my peanut allergy daughter needed a 504 plan. She was a wealth of knowledge and experience. I appreciate all them time that she took to talk me through the 504 process. Latter we became more involved with Centerview. Through events like the Food Allergy Halloween Festival, Centerview is able to help bring awareness to the Johnson County community and help food allergy kids feel part of a group. My daughter loved being a counselor at Camp Centerview, where she was able to connect with other food allergy kids. Centerview does a wonderful job with educating the public about life threatening food allergies. Well done Sarah Albert!

2017-01-24 23:20:37 UTC

I am 11 years old and I have a peanut allergy. It's awful. I can't eat peanuts or food made on shared lines. It's hard to try new foods.

Halloween is hard because of candy. I can't always trust other people's food, like birthday cakes. It makes me feel sad and left out.

The worst thing was when I had an allergic reaction and I had to have an epi shot and go the ER. It made me scared that I could die.

Centerview makes me feel like someone is on my side. Like when they had a big Halloween party for food allergy kids that had no candy and was safe. It was awesome!!

Also there is Camp Centerview- it's about having fun without allergens. I learned about how allergic reactions work. I met other food allergic kids. I was happy to feel I'm not the only one.

Centerview should get a better website so other kids could be safe and have fun in life.

2017-01-25 01:49:55 UTC
Amy Goode

Centerview has changed my family's life in a variety of ways, but the one that sticks out the most are their social events and activities. My son with multiple food allergies is able to go to a Halloween party and have a good time and we don't have to worry about unsafe candy being given out, nor the disappointment that comes with pulling out all of the unsafe candy during regular trick or treating. He gets to feel included, normal and happy.

Additionally, the organization has affected me as a mom and how food allergies affect me socially. Its great to be able to go to support groups and talk with other food allergy parents and know that I'm not alone, someone else has been through the same thing as myself, and it normalizes what we have to go through as food allergy parents. Many people not living with food allergies have no idea all of the extra work it takes to keep our kids safe and "normalize" their lives. Other food allergy parents are able to give support and suggestions at the support group meetings or via the Centerview facebook page. There is someone willing to help 24/7. Without Centerview, that would not be the case.

My son is entering kindergarten in the fall and I will soon be utilizing Centerview's 504 resources to keep my son safe in school. I'm so glad these resources exist and exist locally and with hands on guidance if I need it.

Centerview getting a new website, is much deserved, but more importantly, it is a necessity so the organization can continue to ensure the safety, inclusion and social support for food allergy families to live and thrive.

2017-01-25 02:39:59 UTC

One of the most requisite matter for this appeal is to be able to use this cyber power to inform, instruct and train the general republic whom has no food allergy concerns. Please upskill Centerview with your impeccable talent to make this community heathier and joy abounded.

Centerview offers a full-time aids for local food-allergy communities, launch projects with messages of awareness and inclusion. Centerview moves beyond a focus on individual towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions.

We believe, you can empower the mind and uplift the food-allergy families.

Please envelope a hope for us.

2017-01-25 02:40:46 UTC

I have a son with life threatening food allergies. Centerview Camp gave him a sense of normal. For my child regular summer camp is a huge no. For 3 days he got to be a kid. He made friends with other kids who also navigate food allergies. This would not have been possible without Centerview. In addition Centerview has helped my family with information hat has kept my child safe at school.

2017-01-25 04:43:32 UTC

My son developed his food allergies in his teen years and we were thrown into the food allergy world quickly and with no understanding. I didn't discover Cernterview until a year later and they were a wealth of information regarding education, awareness and assistance with navigating allergies in the school setting. It was so comforting to meet other parents of kids with food allergies to hear their experiences during support group meetings. I only wish I had known about Centerview sooner! A new website might help other allergy families find this valuable resource much earlier in their journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support and resources for families, physicians and schools to create and implement plans improving quality of life and keeping those with food allergies both safe and included in our community.